Friday, December 21

Crocheted Bassinet / Cradle Purses

Free Cradle Pattern now available on

Crocheted Cradle Purse with little doll. Purse measures 5 x 6 inches when closed. The top turns down to reveal a baby in the cradle; when your done playing turn the sides up for a pretty purse. This cute little cradle is patterned after one my grandma gave me years ago. My girls still play with my original; after Christmas they will have their own. :)

These 3" dolls, with their new dresses, are going in my daughters' cradles.
If you are interested in making a cradle for your daughter, email me at
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Thursday, November 15

New and Improved Light Box

Thanks to this tutorial:

With this new light box you can change the background. My poster board has two holes punched at the top, then attached with little screws. I only have white posterboard onhand, will post pictures with black later. :)

We made a few alterations:
My husband added a piece on the top for an extra light.
The box is lined with tissue paper, instead of a sheet. I used double stick tape to attach the tissue paper to the PVC pipe.

Donna Pool recommended foam boards covered with tinfoil to brighten the object.

Thanks for the Tip :)

Tuesday, November 6

EtsyKids Song Promo Thread Treasury

Kori, Sunnydaytags, chose Songs for the Promo Thread on Monday. See if you can guess the songs. Answers below.

See something you like? Below are links to their shops on Etsy

EtsyKid Promo Stickers by BeadedSocks
Christmas Gift Enclosure Cards by Sunnydaytags
Brandon the Blue Turtle by happywhosits
Koala booties by crochetroo
SNOWMEN with Pink Snowflake Border Christmas Blanket by cuddlebaby
Under The Tree 4 piece custom made outfit by flattermefancy
Modern Dandelion--Japanese Pendant by onegirliegirl
Baby Bootees - Rainbow Brights by knitstyle
Simon the Atomic RETRO Snowman Onesie by Rock*A*Bye Retro
Christmas Tree, gold accents, Patch it Up Iron On Applique by TwoSistersDesigns
Blueberry log soap bars by bstep401
Camo and Pink High Top Sneaker Booties by KraftyLadyKreations
Holiday Snowmen - Chenille Baby Bib By ColbyLaneDesigns
Crawler Covers Baby Leg Warmers by Fategoddess
New BUBBLES Mermaid Fish Rubber Stamp by SassyGrace
The Rodeo Retro Onesie by Rock*A*Bye Retro

First column, Frosty The Snowman
Second column, Oh, Christmas Tree - Oh, Christmas Tree
Third column, Tiny Turtle Tim
Fourth column, combination of Shake shake shake your "bootie" and Where have all the COWBOYS gone???

Mondays Promo Thread to Read all the Songs

Sunday, October 28

Sunday, October 21

Beaded Sock Pattern on Etsy

You can make beaded socks too.

This Beaded Sock Crochet Pattern shows you how to make 3 Different Styles of Beaded Socks.
25 Pages of Color Photos and Instructions show every Step.

Available in my Etsy Store BeadedSocks

Friday, September 21

BeadedSocks Has Been Tagged

Thanks to Minefull I have been tagged. Which means I get to reveal 6 things about myself and then tag 6 others ~ interesting or not, here it goes:

1. I wanted to grow up and be a MOM and still love it!

2. We once lived where we could watch Disneyland Fireworks every night ~ I thought we were being shot at the first night in our house.

3. My favorite candy bar is a Whatchamacallit

4. I told my fifth grade science class that I must have been hatched ~ since I didn't have a belly button. Of course I had one at birth, it disappeared at three when my appendix burst.

5. I like fixing things around the house ~ can use a saw, screwdriver, hammer and wrench

6. I like to organize and wash Laundry! I hang all my shirts the same direction in the same way every time.

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Tuesday, September 18

BeadedSocks in a Treasury on Etsy

Thanks KatieBeansKids for featuring my Halloween Socks!
Check out her shop

Tuesday, August 7

Girls Beaded Sock Samples on Flickr

Thursday, March 22

Bead Socks for Your Little Girl

Please check out my website

You can also email me at

The beads are crocheted/sewn onto the cuff of new bobby socks. Once the beads are fastened onto socks, the stitches are ended with a secure knot an the ends threaded back through the stitching. The beads are attached really well.

All socks are handmade by me. I started making them after my oldest daughter was born and haven't stopped, now over four years. My youngest daughter wears her sister's old socks and they still look great.

You can choose the color of beads and size of sock.

Available sizes are Infant S, M, L, XL & Girls S, M, L

Also check out my Etsy Shop

Sample Sock Photographs at Flickr

If you have questions, please email me. Thanks for looking.