Tuesday, June 24

Etsy Front Page

Our Newest Sea Turtle made it to the Front Page of Etsy.com! So Exciting!
Not only did we get on the front page, so did three EtsyBABY friends.

Sunday, June 22

Sea Turtle Hair Clips

This cute little Sea Turtle is one of our two new turtle wool felt hair clips at Daisy Designs.

Turquoise and Lime Green Sea Turtle clip is made from layered 100% wool felt. The 2" clip is securely sewn between layers of felt. Hand sewn together with a dab of glue on the knot for extra strength. Sea Turtle measures approximately 2½" x 2"

Wool Felt helps the clip stay in place, even on extra fine hair. We use our clips for keeping long bangs to the side and clipping back the two year olds pieces from her self hair cut.

Thursday, June 12

Monday, June 9

New Wool Felt Hair Clips Available Soon

New Wool Felt Hair Clips will be available soon!
Sneak Peek at what are waiting to be stitched and embellished.