Thursday, April 4

Beaded Sock Crochet Pattern

Beaded Sock Crochet Pattern available
The only accessory my darling daughters would keep on! :)

Beaded Sock Supplies
Ring Beads at Creative Wholesale
Opaque Ring Beads at Bolek Crafts
16mm Plastic Ring at Bolek Crafts

Pony Beads (Regular size and Mini)
Bolek Crafts
Pony Beads
Mini Pony Beads

Pearl Beads
Bolek Crafts
Pearls Section

Shape Beads
Birds Nest Online

Crochet Needle:
JoAnns, WalMart or local craft Store
Crochet Thread:
JoAnns, WalMart or local craft Store will have many brands of good thread.

We use the following brands:
J.&P. Coats Opera Crochet Thread is our preferred crochet thread.
or DMC Cebelia Crochet Cotton thread is also very high quality
Available at JoAnn's or Herrschners